July 29-31 


 Intro to Class, Syllabus, Cards, Biography interviews

 Syllabus quiz, Review syllabus

Issue Lit WorkBook

Lit Pre-Test

 Aug. 3-7

Bios Due,

Lang. Pre-test                    


Issue Lang. Books 

Lang. pg. 24,28a in class,

28B homework

Lit. Encounters and Coyote, assign Burning of Our House


Lang. pg.28B DUE ,

LIT.Complete Coyote

and Burning

Issue Lit. Books             

 Review pg 30 A, Do pg. 31 B & Activity, "Burning" Discussion, Fear as a Motivator writing, Intro to "Sinners in The Hands of an Angry God" 
 Aug. 10-14                

LIT. Sinners Project Due

Homework Write letter to  Edwards in response to the sermon

Lang. pg. 37 A&B.                

 TURN in the letter to John Edwards & pg. 37 A&B, Discuss B. Franklin and Poor Richard's Almanac, HW Read Franklin's Autobiography, Lang Pg. 42-43.

Discuss Franklin's Autobiography,

Patrick Henry --Speech to the Virginia Convention,

Lang. Sentence Analysis Step Cards & Practice.

Turn in Step 1&2 WS 

 Quiz over Speech to Vir. Conv.,

HW-read Declaration of Ind. (pg 100-105),Pg. 106#1-3,5-6 and voc. Development.,

Lang. Write 10 sentences starters -incomplete beginning of sentences., Write a long paragraph (7-10 semtences)about a trip outside.

Turn in pg.106 for Dec. Of Ind.

Step3-locate the subject and underlined it once. Hint: who/what + subject =verb EX.Who/what sings?=Sally,

Step 4a - Action Verbs: Identify the direct object(if there is one)and draw on wavy line under it. 

Research your author and look for a list of works that he/she wrote., Gather basic biographical information, make notes on your own paper, Remember that you will not include much of the biography on the final paper so don't waste time on this., Learn to use the TEL.           

 Aug. 17-21 TURN in Makeup or missing work to the late basket by the end of the day or it becomes a ZERO!, Research for TERM PAPERS, Alt. The Crucucble ACT1.  Brainstorm a list of the things about The Cucible's overture from the reading., QUIZ, Discuss the overture and begin reading ACT1 , Lang. --PG 9-12 Pronouns, review together in class, pg. 590-91 #1-10 Pronouns. Lang. Review pg. 590-91, pg 153 #1-10 Write the letter and the answer choice., Continue The Crucible ACT1Lang Pg. 161 1-10, Write the correct pronoun(who/whom)and explain your reasoning(subj, d.o., i.o, oby.of prep)., The Crucible ACT 1 --KWL chart. Fill out some information on your KWL chart about what we read yesterday. Make sure you have a couple of questions of your own., READ ACT 1The Crucible
 Aug. 24-28 Lang. pg 154-156,1-10pg. 156, QUIZ over ACT2, Continue the Crucible. Fill in information on your KWL chart for ACT 2 (what we read yesterday).Irecommend getting a new chart., Continue ACT 2, LANG. workbook pg. 6A&B, 106B. Turn in pg 6 from  your lang.WB--make sure it has your name on it!,Pg. 107A&B,ACT3 QUIZ, TERM PAPER WORK. Read ACT 3 The Crucible

Act 3 & 4 The Crucible, Review Acts 3&4, Test next week over everything we have read.

 Aug 31-Sept. 4 Write a brief summary, 50 words or less, describimg what the Crucuble is about., LANG> pg 164 A in class, Homework PG 164 B & 167 A. Turn in Anticipation Grade, Beginning & EncounterTest,Language HW due tomorrow Write an essay in which you persuade the reader that school uniforms should not be required. Defend your position with specific reasons supported by several detailed examples., PG 168 PG 170 Practice and Apply, Vote on rewards for block points. Turn in LANG> pg 170 and 173, Watch the Crucible. Watch the Crucible, Homework for Tuesday Read By 157-173 in Literature Book.
 Sept. 7-11  Turn in Make up work, Turn in test corrections to me, Lang. Step 6&7, Lit. intro to American Romanticism, Quiz, Notes. Answer the Folowing questions: What were the values of the Romantics, and how did these values affect the American imagination?, What darker side of human life was recognized by some major American Romantics?, Input On Reading List,Notes over American Romanticism.  
 Sept. 14-18     
 Sept. 21-25     
 Sept. 28-Oct. 2     
 Oct. 19-23 No School