Today is...

Below is a schedule of our day.  The objective here is to provide you with what to expect.  However, changes and unexpected events occur and we will need to handle them as they arise.  Also, if for any reason any of us - we all are active participants - want to discuss our schedule, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss it further.


8:00...Have your tickets ready:  each morning i will ask each student a question that allows them entry into our class (no worries, we all find a way in, we are resourceful).  Also, all students will be asked to visit the restrooms and sharpen their pencils at this time. 

...Adminnstrative duties:  News; infromation; The Pledge of Allegiance; High Five - these are five basic questions that simply get the students academically situated for the day ahead.


09:05...After a short walk / talk break...HISTORY

09:50...Bathroom and drink break...SCIENCE




13:30...Daily review:  touch on major concept(s) for each subject; collect bring-home and homework papers and materials

13:45...Current Events:  discuss five items in the news with class

13:55...Let's go home!