Cool Links...

What I have included are some links to websites that are think are cool.  Now, I realize what I think is cool and what you think is cool, or what is in fact cool, may be way off.  So, feel free to give me feedback.  There is only one catch, we don't identify a problem without providing a solution.  What??? 

If you would like to add, delete or change a web site on this page, here is what has to happen.

1...You must identify the page in question and the issue you have.  This can be good, bad or a general statement.

2...You then must provide (to me) a solution or alternative to the web site that is currently on this page.

3...You will present to the class the site in question; the issue; and the potential solution

4...Finally, the class will determine what, if any, changes to make.


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