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Math Tips

# 1. Be Prepared

Click here for CST released test questions.

# 2. Math Video Tutorials

# 3. Study the night before a Test for 1-2 hours

Test scores represent a big part of your grade. Doing homework everyday will prepare you part of the way. The other part to perform on a test  - know what can be on a test, practice homework problems, - review notes and flash-cards and practice, practice practice.

# 4. Use this website and helpful links!

Click on your textbook to the left and use the publisher resources. There are videos, powerpoint lessons, and review activities that will help.

# 5. Get a Tutor

We have a tutor list of seniors in our calculus classes who are available to be hired as a tutor for Algebra and Geometry. Calculus AB students can hire private tutors or can get help from the Calculus BC students.

# 6. Go for extra help! Wednesdays after school.

Many teachers are happy to offer extra help, and are happy that you care enough to spend extra time outside of class. Sometimes you might learn even more, such as which are likely test questions, because teachers can let extra information slip (often without realizing it) in extra help sessions. I am available every morning before school at 7:15 or by appointment for students who need some extra help, or who need to retake tests/quizzes.

# 7. Start working right from Day One!

The first few days of class can seem so easy that you might think that you don't need to get serious just yet. But, this is your opportunity to get into good habits, when they're easy enough to keep! You might even try reading ahead a bit. Make good use of your time in the beginning because you'll be wishing you had it back later in the semester! Of course, if you didn't get off to a good start, decide to get back on track right now! Better late than never.