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    Today is: Thursday September 9th 2010.  Today was the first day of school!

    All students will receive a paper copy of the homework.   


   Homework assignment for today is:  

   10 questions to get to know each other

   1) What is your favorite food?

   2)  What is you favorite animal?

   3)  What did you do over your summer vacation?

   4) What is something you like about yourself?

   5)  What is your favorite school subject?

   6)  Do you like sports?  If yes what sports?  What teams?

   7) What is something you want to learn about this school year?

   8) What super hero power would you like to have and why?

   9)  What is something you enjoying doing?

   10) Come up with at least one question to ask me!


                                                  Classroom News

      *Character education word of the week:

                  Self- respect- pride and belief in one's self and in achievement of one's potential.                              




     * "Character educator of the week":

     * "Star Student of the month" :


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     *Open house will be Thursday September 23rd 2010, 5pm to 8pm! Hope to see you there!  If you are unable to make this date/time, let us know!