AP Biology

Welcome to AP Biology!

Keep checking in to this site to make sure you know what's due!

It should take you between a half hour and an hour to complete homework each night but you should be prepared to spend up to two on occasion.

** Wednesdays and Fridays will now be Quiz Days!  Any Vocabulary that we've covered in class is fair game!** 


http://en.linoit.com/  This is the online "sticky notes" site we will use to discuss the summer reading during summer vacation.  25 sticky discussions minimum for each person.

www.engrade.com  Online gradeing website to keep track of all your information.

http://www.phschool.com/science/biology_place/labbench/ Major Concepts reviewed as animations.

http://www.phschool.com/science/biology_place/biocoach/ Pre Labs for all AP Labs.

www.khanacademy.org Website for intense short review sessions.

www.quizlet.com All vocabulary flashcards plus options for study/review/tests/quizzes.




Summer Assignment:

Pick up your summer reading packet from the school ASAP!

Read all the copied chapters attached to the reading packet.

* The fictional book assignment has been postponed.


What's Due / What's Happening:

9/7/11 (Wed) Signature Pages and School Packet Due.

9/8/11 (Thr) Summer Reading Exam

9/9 (Fri) Termite Lab Due

9/12 (Mon) Handwritten Evolution Flashcards complete.

9/12 (Mon) First Picture in Visual Book Complete - write as much as you can about the image - What does it tell you?  What's important to know?  What is still unknown about it? 

9/12 (Mon) Rewritten Free Response Question if you want to bring up the points on the test.

9/14 (Wed) Flashcards 1-20 memorized for quiz.

9/14 (Wed) Three Page Personal Study Book for Notes on Evolution So Far.

9/15 (Thr) Ice Article Read and Prepared for Discussion.  Flashcards 21-40 memorized for quiz. 

9/16 (Fri) Quiz on Flashcards 21-40.  All AP Bio Evolution flashcards memorized for quiz Monday. 

               Go To www.khanacademy.org and watch the video on Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium.

               You need to know the basics for this theory so you're prepared for Monday.

 9/19 (Mon)  Quiz on flashcards 41-58.  Start working on Visual Image Book.  I will collect it on Friday.

9/20  (Tue)  AP Pre-Lab.

9/21 (Wed)  Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium Poster Due.  Quiz on Evolution.

9/23 (Fri)  Hand in completed Visual Image Book.  Chapter 32 Read and Outlined.

9/26 (Mon)  Hand in Corrected Quiz - Homework Grade.  Annotated Text from Evolution Exerpt.

9/27 (Tue)  Study like crazy!  Even though I know you've been studying since the weekend for this exam ;)

9/28 (Wed) Unit Exam on Evolution and Diversity of Organisms - Moved to Thursday due to Advisory.

9/29 (Thr) Unit Exam on Evolution and Diversity of Organisms

9/30 (Fri) 10% Summary on Chapter 2.  Read entire chapter, then write a 1 page summary of all the information covered.

10/4 (Wed)  Quiz on the functional groups.

10/6 (Thr)  Quiz on functional groups - harder this time... I'll give you the name, you draw the structure.

10/7(Fri)  First Quiz on Past Vocabulary - any vocabulary we've covered in class is fair game.

10/12 (Wed)  Water Video Due (see rubric).  Test Corrections for Evolution Test Due.  Quiz on Review Vocabulary (every Wednesday and Friday).

10/17 (Mon)  Pre Lab Due.  First day of AP Lab #2 Enzyme Catalysis.

10/18 (Tue)  Second day of AP Lab #2.

10/19 (Wed)  Chemistry Exam.

10/25 (Tue)  Typed Lab Report Due.

10/31 (Mon)  Test Corrections Due (BioChemistry Exam)

11/7 (Mon)  Lab Due.  Quiz on cell organelle structure and function, membrane transport, and mitosis.

11/14/11 (Mon)  Powerpoint on chapter 7 due.  One slide per blue topic.  All vocab included and pertinant information.  Be prepared to present on Monday.

11/18/11 (Fri)  Photosynthesis pre-lab due.

11/21/11 (Mon) Typed short summary on photosynthesis information covered in lab packet, typed charts and typed questions due.

11/29/11 (Tue)  10 Multiple choice questions in format provided with answer key in format provided based off of background for lab.

11/30/11 (Wed)  Pre lab due for respiration (ap bio virtual lab at PHSchool)

12/9/11 (Fri)  Lab Report Due for Respiration Lab

General Information:

The AP Test is given in May.

There are 100 Multiple Choice Questions in 80 minutes.

There are 4 three part Open Ended Questions to be written in 90 minutes.

We will be practicing throughout the entire year to build your confidence and prepare you to excel on this test so you can gain college credits (and save yourselves and your parents mega bucks!).  All unit tests will be released AP test questions, preparation questions, and questions from the biology book Cambell - which parallels the AP test and has similar questions.  These will be graded using AP guidelines (on a 1-5 scale). 

We will also have 12 labs which will include pre-labs and post-labs.  These are mandatory, worth a lot of points, and need to be completed to the best of your ability.  I will be available for assistance, however, all students will need to spend a great deal of time and effort on these as the information covered will be directly questioned on the AP test.

Remember:  This is a college course with potential college credit involved.  You will be held to the academic standard of a college student - work must be complete, correct, and always on time.


Bonus Question:

Extra Credit Possibility!  With the holidays approaching let's research elves.  Real elves!  They have to do with the electromagnetic spectrum.  Research them, tell me what it stands for, and write a short paragraph to explain them :)