Welcome to Biology with Miss. Rossman!

I'm so excited to have you guys again!  Since we know exactly what was covered last year (and I know you haven't forgotten any over the summer!) I expect to have a fantastic year with you guys!

Check back at this website for the latest updates and due dates.


9/7/11 (Wed) Signature Pages Due and "Lab Safety Gone Bad" Poster Due.

9/8/11 (Thr) Scientific Method Lab Activity "Holey Paper" Due.

9/12/11 (Mon) Metric Lab Due.

9/13/11 (Tue) I will be collecting your literacy packets.  10% summary due on pages 21-23 "Science and Society" AND Annotated Text on pages 6-10.

9/13/11 (Tue) Quiz on first 25 vocabulary words.

9/14/11 (Wed)  Water Cycle Project Due.  Also, 25 vocabulary words in your notebook (biosphere, ecology, abiotic, biotic, population, biological community, ecosystem, habitat, niche, symbiosis, mutualism, commensalism, parasitism, autotrophs, producer, heterotrophs, consumers, decomposers, food chain, trophic level).

9/15/11 (Thr)  Completion of the Carbon Cycle Project if not done in class.  BLOCK4: two paragraph essay on what is meant by "Energy Flows and Matter Cycles".

9/20/11 (Tue)  Quiz on Photosynthesis.

9/21/11 (Wed) Quiz on Respiration.

9/26/11 (Mon)  Test on Photosynthesis and Respiration!  Complete a pedigree to practice on in class tomorrow (at least 10 people).

9/30/11 (Fri)  Look over your notes and make sure you understand rebellious genetics!

10/3/11 (Mon) Bring your thinking cap - Meiosis will NOT be easy.  Review Mitosis and the Organelles in the cell (this is last year's information and we won't be reviewing - you need to know the steps of mitosis and what's going on as well as the shape and function of all cellular organelles.

10/6/11 (Thr) Quiz on Rebellious Genetics - make sure you study the flashcards we made in class.

10/7/11 (Fri)  Complete karyotype with questions and annotated text on chromosomal diseases for Wednesday.

10/12/11 (Wed)  Complete Queen Victoria's Pedigree and Meiosis images if not completed in class.

10/14/11 (Fri) Test on Genetics!

10/21/11 (Fri)  Research the two enzymes that we will be experimenting with on Friday (cellulase and pectinase).  Write a short paragraph about how they work and which is supposed to work better.

10/24/11 (Mon)  Complete problem statement, hypothesis, independent variable, dependent variable, control and constants for the lab on Wednesday.  Students who were on task in class have already completed this and have no homework tonight.

10/26/11 (Wed)  Enzyme Lab!  Dress appropriately for lab - long pants, closed-toed shoes, hair tied back...

11/3/11 (Wed)  First Lab Report Due!

11/4/11 (Fri)  Study your notes for possible pop quizzes!

11/9/11 (Fri) HUGE THANKSGIVING ASSIGNMENT ASSIGNED!  Part 1 due monday 14th (research 7 individuals who were instrumental with the field of biological evolution).  Part 2 due monday 21st (specific topics on evolution researched).  Final project due monday 28th (dinner conversation over Thanksgiving dinner with 5 researched guests plus family members and a surprise guest visit.  Also a seating chart briefly explaining what each person is responsible for and when they lived).

11/14/11 (Mon)  Part 1 of HUGE THANKSGIVING ASSIGNMENT due.

11/21/11 (Mon)  Part 2 of HUGE THANKSGIVING ASSIGNMENT due - Completed in class!

                              Foldables also due (page 369 has assignment - include the precambrien, paleozoic, mesozoic, cenozoic)

11/28/11 (Mon)  Final copy of HUGE THANKSGIVING ASSIGNMENT due.

12/15/11 (Thr)  Questions 1-3 on page 449


You will be held to higher expectations this year as a 10th grader.  Late work will no longer be accepted and you will be responsible for your success.  That being said; I have seen the class lists and - knowing all of you - I am very excited and optimistic that we are going to have THE BEST classes :) 

Bonus Question:

Extra Credit Possibility!  With the holidays approaching let's research elves.  Real elves!  They have to do with the electromagnetic spectrum.  Research them, tell me what it stands for, and write a short paragraph to explain them :)