StafaBand : The Most Popular Song Site in Indonesia

What is Stafaband? What do you think of when you hear the name Stafaband? What will you do when you find out what Stafaband is?

If you know what StafaBand is, it means that you are a music lover and like to download songs on the internet. But if you don't know what Stafa Band is, it means that we are ready to provide information about Stafaband to all of you.

What is Stafaband? Stafaband is the name of a song download site. All the songs on Stafaband are free, so you can listen to songs for free or download songs for free. And all the songs that you download will have the extension format .mp3

What songs are on the Stafaband? When asked the number, maybe the answer is unlimited. Because Stafaband saves old songs to new songs. And the collection of songs consists of various languages in this world, Indonesian songs, English songs (western songs), Korean songs, Japanese songs, Arabic songs, even regional language songs. Not only that, Stafaband also collects songs from various musical genres, for example: pop genre songs, rock genre songs, metal genre songs, ballad genre songs, jazz genre songs, and many more.

Then how does Stafaband work? how can you collect so many songs? In our opinion, the way stafaband works is quite simple. Usually Stafaband takes the source from YouTube or other song sites. This technique is called AGC (Auto Generated Content). So basically StafaBand will automatically create song content.

What is a Stafaband domain address? For the initial domain, it seemed like, then the site became popular and was visited by many people. Finally, other people also joined in making a site similar to Stafaband, even the domain is the same, yes there is the word Stafaband.

Then who is the owner of the Stafaband song download site? No one knows who owns the Stafaband site yet. That's because now there are so many sites called Stafaband, and not just one site. And each site has its own admin (site owner). And different people.

So how did the StafaBand site come from? for this, we are desperately looking for information on the history of Stafaband. Well finally we found something interesting fact. Prepare yourself for this interesting info.

Stafa Band was originally the name of a band or music group. So this band is called Stafa. This Stafa band has personnel consisting of approximately 5 people (can be seen in the picture above). And this band comes from Malang. And they have performed at campuses in Malang, such as: Unisma, ITN, STIA.

You must be wondering, where did we get that kind of information from? I use the Wayback Machine site which is addressed at

Then I entered the site (original & the First StafaBand), then I pushed back the year to 2007, where the site was first created. So that's where I got the interesting info.

The website was first released in 2007. But for the Stafa band, I don't know when they formed the band.

Then why did the site that initially contained information about the Stafa band and biodata of the Stafa band turn into an mp3 song download site? Hmmm, it's possible that the Stafa band disbanded, and their website also had to disband, so the domain was left to expire. Then maybe someone else bought the domain and then the contents were changed to a song download site. And finally, the Stafaband site became famous.

But for some reason now there are so many clones of Stafaband sites. Maybe someone can take advantage of the popularity of the Stafaband site. Moreover, this Stafaband site is visited by many people who want to download songs or download mp3s for free.