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About Me

A little about myself...

I am a recent graduate of Grand Canyon University with a BS in Elementary Education with an emphasis on ELL. Although this will be my first year teaching First Grade., I have been a member of the de Zavala family for over 13 years. I have worked as a PreKindergarten Assistant, and well as and ELL Instructional Aide.

I chose teaching as a "second life" career because of my love of children. Even before being employed by GPISD, I was a parent volunteer and Substitute teacher for almost 15 years. I waited until my youngest was in Middle School before working towards my degree. 



My Teaching Philosophy 


I believe that EVERY student has the ability to learn and succeed, they only need to be encouraged to believe that they can. It is my job, duty, and responsibility to ensure that happens. I want to instill a love of learning into my students, just as I am a lifelong learner, I want them to be, too. 

I believe learning should be fun. To quote the great Miss Frizzle, "Take chances, make mistakes, and get messy!"  Children in my classroom will learn by experience. Will will use hands-on techniques to explore the world around us. I believe mistakes are the building blocks of our success. 

I believe every child should be genuinely cared for, and in my class, they will be. A student who believes their teacher cares about them will work hard to accomplish anything!




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