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Important Info!

            Important Info!

                                      (This is where I will post important information and updates. So, check back weekly!)


          Contact me!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


My conference time is 11:40-12:40 daily.



   Daily Folder  

        Every day your child will come home with a Daily folder. In this folder, you will find a weekly agenda, behavior chart, communication from me, upcoming date, their homework for the week and any other important information you will need to know. My contact information will be attached to the front of the folder to make contacting me easier.


Daily Schedule

(Please have your student to school on time so they have time to eat. Breakfast is cleaned up promptly at 8:10)

7:50-8:10- Breakfast   (Students are counted tardy at 8:10)

8:15-9:15-Journal/Morning Meeting/Calendar

9:15-9:45- Guided Reading & Writing

9:45-10:15- ELA Centers

10:15- 11:10 – Word Wall Work

11:10-11:30- Lunch

11:40-12:40- Specials (Music, Art, Environmental Science, REEL or PE) 

(This is also my conference time)

12:40-1:15- Social Studies

1:20-1:45 - Daily Math Lesson

1:45-2:15- Math Centers

2:15-2:45- Science

2:45-3:15- Recess

3:15- Pack up, Class meeting

3:25- Dismissal

(Students must be picked up by 3:40, students remaining after 3:40 will be escorted to the front of the building. Any student remaining after 4:00 will need to call a parent, so please make sure your child has memorized you contact info, or have a index card with your current info in their backpack.)


Rules, Consequences, and Reward System

Classroom rules, consequences, and rewards are important to creating, and, maintaining, a positive classroom environment, especially in First grade, where many students have never been in school all day before. I will begin teaching these on the first day of school to ensure the students know what is expected of them, and what happens if they do not it.


Parents, please go over these with your child.


Expectations (rules)

  1. Be Responsible
  2. Be Safe
  3. Be Caring
  4. Be Respectful

The consequences for breaking these rules will be clearly explained and posted for students to see. The consequences will be:

  1. Warning
  2. Give me 5 (recess minutes)
  3. Loss of class job plus Give me 5
  4. Give me 10 and note home.
  5. Extreme infractions (bullying, fighting, cursing, damaging school property) will be sent directly to the office.

I will also implement a reward system for positive behaviors. This will consist of, but is not limited to:

  1. Praise
  2. Stickers
  3. Class money
  4. Raffle tickets (raffle will be held every Friday, prizes will vary weekly)
  5. Positive note/call home

I will be using a color system to document student behavior. It will consist of four colors, each representing one level. 

  1. Green-Good day!! Earned 1 raffle ticket.
  2. Yellow-2nd verbal warning (the first one is free!)
  3. Orange- 5 minutes of recess
  4. Red- 10 minutes of recess and a note home

Rewards will be documented with raffle tickets that students will place in either the boy or girl bucket throughout the week. On Fridays, I will draw one ticket from each bucket for a prize. Prizes will vary from week to week. Examples are popsicles, school bucks, puzzles, job choice for the next week, etc.





Students will receive classroom grades in Math, Reading, Spelling, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies. Classwork is worth 60%, Tests are 30% and homework is 10%. Grades will be posted on Skyward weekly. 

Students will also receive grades from the Specials teachers in Environmental Science, PE, Art, Music, and REEL (Research Environmental Engineering Leadership). Please contact them with questions about grades in those classes. 




Homework packets will be sent home every Monday, and are due back on Fridays. 

The will usually consist of 4 pages (one per night) covering math, spelling, reading and science/social studies.

Homework packets are 10% of the total grade for each subject.

If for some reason homework packet is unable to be completed on time, it may be turned in late with a note from you.

Students are also encouraged to read 20 minutes a night. A reading log will be sent home at the beginning of September to allow time for students to adjust to school and homework.





Tutoring will be offered for struggling students beginning in October.

Tutoring will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays until 4:15 pm.















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