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Environmental Science and Outdoor Learning Environment

  • Lorenzo’s Garden- At Lorenzo de Zavala ESA we believe that real-world learning should be integrated into all academic subject areas and has been shown to benefit children by boosting academic achievement, nurturing healthy lifestyles, cultivating life skills and promoting environmental stewardship. Our students, from pre-kindergarten to fifth grade, take ownership of one square foot of growing space in which they plant, water, and care for their seeds.
  • The Coop- Have you seen our chickens?? Your child will! We use the chicken coop to teach students about life cycles and more. And yes, they lay eggs! Eggs are harvested every morning, and are for sale to the community on Friday afternoons at The Market at de Zavala.
  • Recycling and Conservation- Conservation and recycling go hand in hand. Students at De Zavala not only learn about conservation, they lead the way in the district with innovative and exciting ways to preserve natural resources such as water, energy and plants. Students recycle containers of almost everything we use, from potato chip wrappers and plastic water bottles to ink cartridges and old small electrical appliances. We enter several recycling competions every year, and have won many of them! Conservation and recycling are very selfless acts. Our students are proud to make a meaningful impact that is very helpful for current and future generations.
  • The Market at de Zavala- Students are engaged in selling the wares from the garden and the eggs from the hens. They also sell items they have created in after school clubs. Students make real-life connections centered on finance and business. They get to appreciate the success that a little effort, determination and commitment can bring. Most of all, they build confidence in their own ability to “make great things happen”. De Zavala students realize at an early age that they can choose and direct their own path. We equip our students with the keys to unlock their own potential.

"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb


Get 2 Months for $5!