Academic Standards

Grading scale.
 A 90-100
 B 80-89
 C 70-79
 D 60-69
 F 0-59

- Your year’s work is worth 800 points and whether you get an A,B,C,D, or F is determined by what percentage of 800 points you earn over the year

Testing Format
- There will be four major tests. Each with 50 questions. Questions will be worth 2 points each. There will be multiple choice, Matching questions, and fill in the blank. Each Test will be worth 100 points.
- There will be twenty quizzes during the school year. Each will be worth ten points.
What is Cheating?
 Cheating is:
- Bringing in notes unauthorized by the instructor to assist with test or quiz taking. Talking to others during exams or quizzes to get answers. THERE WILL BE NO TALKING DURING EXAMS OR QUIZZES
- You will have two three to five page papers. Your papers will be worth 100 points each.
What is Plagiarism?
- Plagiarism is the intended or unintended representation of someone else’s work as your own.
- There is a clear distinction between intentional and unintentional plagiarism,
- Intentional plagiarism IS cheating and is also illegal.
- I will be examining cases of plagiarism on a case by case basis.

Consequences for Cheating:
- Complete invalidation of the test, quiz, or paper the student is caught cheating on. There will be NO opportunity to retake the quiz or test. Papers cannot be rewritten.
- A test or paper invalidated will severely harm your grade, dropping you final grade by 12.5%. Even if you bomb an exam or botch a paper, you will be better off than if you are caught cheating.

Extra credit will be available to help make up for a poor quiz grade, exam, or
paper grade. In order to earn extra credit, students may bring in a news article
depicting a current event directly related to American government. The article
will be discussed during class and the student must be able to competently
discuss the article.