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This page will be used to supplement the materials that you learned in class. Here you will find homework assignments, due dates, upcoming quizzes/tests, links to study guides and powerpoints (notes). For information on grades, please log into your Skyward account.

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Who, What, Where?

Who?: About Me, Mr. P!

Hi! I am Mr. Pear-in. For those of you who do not know yet, I am your favorite teacher. I am Filipino-American and proud of my heritage. I come from a far away land called Hampton, VA and moved to Larksville, PA when I was little. Here are THREE interesting things about me: 2 are TRUE, one is a LIE

1) I performed on stage at the Kirby Center with country superstar
Jo Dee Mussina (she was the Country singer famous for the song "All Right")

2) I am good freiends with one of the soldiers who captured Saddam Hussein. He now works for Ford and is a Tatoo Artist on the side.

3) I have attempted 2 food challenges that were featured on Man Vs. Food and lost.

What?: What I Teach.

Algebra 1 and Advanced Algebra 1

In the past I taught:
Applied Algebra
Basic Geometry

Where?: Education

B.S.E. in Mathematics Education at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania.
M.S. in Education Classroom Technology at
Wilkes University.