Mrs. Romero-Piche - East Austin Prep


You have reached the teacher page of Mrs. Romero-Piche, a College and Careers teacher at East Austin Prep Academy!  I thoroughly hope we have a fabulous year, and if you ever wish to contact me, please do so through my email.  Thanks so much! 

Supplies List

We will be completing regular projects for this class, so posters and such may be required all year long. ALL students in my class will be asked to have a 2 inch hard side binder (white for 9th grade, black for 10th grade highly preferred) which can be left in my room, as well as the following supplies:

~ One Composition Notebooks
~ Personal Pencils & Pens
~ Scissors
~ Personal Pencil Sharpener 
~ Highlighters                                  
~ Flexible Homework Folder
~ 10 Divider Tabs
~ Large eraser
~ Ruler
~ Thumb/Data Drive
~ Water Bottle (Suggested) 
~ Colored Pencils 
~ Markers

Interactive Notebooks

All students are required to have and carry 2 items: the Reflection Journal and their flexible folders.  Their binder will be left in the room.

Reflection Journal - There should be an entry in this notebook DAILY based on the prompt on the PowerPoint screen when they walk in the door.  They will be graded for completeness, whether the student uses complete sentences, and whether they address the prompt.  I will not be grading for grammar and spelling so much as this is not intended to be anything more than a quick write.

Link to the Middle School Reflection Journal -

Link to the High School Reflection Journal -

Interactive College and Careers Binder - Most days we will be putting something in here.  This binder will include unit overarching questions, vocabulary, notes, daily and home work, projects, and exams.  It is to be kept up-to-date and work completed DAILY and as needed.  Assume that if it's incomplete that it will need to be completed ASAP.

Link to the 8th Grade Careers Binder -

Link to the 9th Grade Careers Binder -

Link to the 10th Grade Careers Binder - 

POlicies and More

I follow all school policies and have posted my personal ones within their notebooks.   Please read them and feel free to write me with any specific questions you may have.  Thanks so much for checking in!  Have a great day!