EDU 2800

butterfly animationWhat about me?


So.. Overall I wanted to actually code for this web page myself, but it seems that this site does not give me an easy way to use HTML coding here. I am a Junior Chemistry major here at North Carolina Central University. It feel like I've been here long enough. I'm currently working under the employment of the University as a Teacher's Assisitant in the Chemistry department. All it has really done is solidfy the fact that I want ot teach chemistry on a high school level. I have more freedom with adults, but they tend to become irritating on a different sort of level when they think you're trying to make them fail. I have more than enough dreams to fill more than enough lifetimes, so I'm trying to get them started so that I can finish them. I want to own my own business, possibly start a clothing line, teach nonstop, and become the perfect wife some day. Currently both my boyfriend and my students make up my life. I'm not even quite sure how it all got this way, but I'm sure it's thanks to the school I am attending.

Why Teaching?

I've been told previously that I have no life because I want to, technically, stay in school for the rest of my life. I have to disagree. Yes, I do wish to stay in some type of educational system for the rest of my life (I'm happy just to be teaching and learning something) but I still have a life. I'm just one of the rare people that get the chance to bring both my life and passion together. I get to enjoy showing people the things I love (mostly science based) and I can get paid for it! That and one can teach anything really. If it wasn't going to be chemistry, it would have been cake decorating or scrapbooking.

What do I support?

Just about everything in reason, and no it isn't as bad as it sounds. For the lack of better words, if you really want to know please do ask me! If I listed all of the things I am willing to support it would go on for a lot more pixels than I would want it to. So, assuming that my future students see this webpage at some point I just want to leave one note. I may not know you completely as I am writing this and I may not have met you, but I can say that I do love you. You took the time out of your day to read this, when you really didn't have to and if you need someone to talk to please do not be afraid to call me or knock on my door. I try to be as supportive as I can when it comes to any life style choices you make so long as they are with a clear and decisive conscience. Though I will not support, or allow, any of you who read this to just throw away you're lives or future so long as I know I can do anything about it.