POE - The accurate F2P experience


Tip as a pro 4 tab for 6 years administrator if it comes to poe currency:


For example, yield alts, put them area you wish them to be in the tab, lets say top left. put a assemblage of alts in the top larboard slot, unstack 1 alt put it next to it, accession one next to that one, and so on and so on, until you acquire lets say 2x10 alt slots, with 1 alt anniversary in them.


That way you can just dump alts into the tab, afterwards looking, and its consistently traveling to be organized, aforementioned for any added currency.


Also, accustomed that ctrl bang puts items automatically in the freest top larboard spot, attending to put the coins you get the a lot of (alts, augs, jews etc) in the top left, so that acclimation is faster, and things like chaos/alchs/chisels/vaals, in accession tab, alternating with maps.


The coins you get beneath often, put appear the basal appropriate of the backing tab, aback youll apparently use it beneath and its faster to deposit/withdraw.


I acclimated to do this afore the coins tab came out! I had 2 tabs for coins and would set them up the aforementioned way every alliance with one tab accepting acclimated for the accepting you get a ton of (armor/blacksmiths, jewelers, alts, etc.) and the added tab for all the rest.


I'd block out anniversary coins so the tabs looked nice, but boy did it blot if a tab abounding up and I had added anarchy or alchs and had to alpha putting them in a 3rd tab...


Bottom band is the coins tab is the best time-saver, space-saver, and sanity-saver you can possibly buy for $4.50!


I acquire what the bulk of alive on a bold is. I aswell apperceive how abundant a arrangement artisan is traveling to accomplish against advance in an complete UI artist/engineer. Because the bold has been traveling able for 5 years now,


I don't anticipate it's the $6 backing tabs that's befitting the lights on. It's the $40 brace of Flame-Wings-Of-Majestic-Particle-Effects that bodies will carapace out for (and they actually should if they like it).


My affair is charging for QoL in accession to charging for cosmetics, decidedly if the above has no in-game recourse (paying X in-game coins for it, rewards for finishing the advance in a season, etc.).


Being acquainted of a UX short-coming in a game, creating a solution, THEN CHARGING FOR IT, is shitty.


You can consistently action the argument that if they bigger the base-QoL of the game, they would access attach-rate and assimilation which leads into MTX sales as you stated, bodies cascade X hours into the bold and feel rationalized to pay for something.