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MMOGO TERA's 6th Anniversary


Hey, Every TERA Fans,


We're cheerful to inform you that TERA's 6th Anniversary Celebration is starting very soon. As all know, Tera was launched on PC on May 1st, 2012, which has been 6 years so far. However, Tera is always developping much better and better with Expanding contents in console PS4 and Xbox one.


To celebrate the Sixth Anniversary, Players can look forward to one month events in game. And also MMOGO store prepares special coupon in order to celebrate the great dates and thank all clients. Use Coupon Code " 6th " for 5% off no matter you buy Tera Gold or Tera items, and all consoles (Xbox one & PS4 & PC) supported.


Quick buy and Join now!


Purchase Tera Gold, here you go


Purchase Tera items, here you go


Enjoy TERA Events and have a great shopping day/night! (Note: Month-Long Events)