I have demonstrated knowledge of concepts throughout my lessons, a reoccurring comment in my lesson reports.


I have shown that I can design lesson sequences relevant to the syllabus outcomes.


I have shown I am willing to research any concepts that will augment my knowledge base and aid student understandings of any subject taught.  such as the respiratory model. Measures such as this allow me to cater for varying learning styles.


I will refresh my knowledge of effective research based pedagogical disciplines.


I need to research well known theorists and ask current teachers how they translate into practice.


I believe that a sound knowledge of the syllabus content needs to be supported through the student’s experience of curriculum as a whole. To reach educational goals, the attitudes expected by teachers must be projected with leadership and student centred learning.


I have shown I am aware of students varying needs, as indicated by the lesson feedback from practicum 2.


I will undertake further professional development courses as any particular circumstance requires.


I need further practice to cater for the diverse physical, social and intellectual learning environments that may be experienced. I am enrolled in the Koori Kids course.


I believe that to be a valuable teacher you need to develop an understanding of how students needs vary due and are influenced by multiple factors.