Grade 7 Room 12 Website

Hi parents, my name are Mrs. Gupta and I am your child’s teacher this year for grade seven mathematics. This is my first year as a teacher. I enjoy teaching mathematics. I am certified teacher and I keep myself up-to-date in my professional knowledge and my teaching skills. I have attended workshops, conferences and seminars. Most important I love teaching! I like students and I am proud to be a teacher. This classroom and I am well organized, and your child will be well cared. We will not only study subject but also share with the students some life skills and secrets that will help your child to get success in tomorrow’s world. I care for my students, I love them. So you can relax. Your child in good hands this year with me, And I hope your support in class room and student’s learning. You are always welcome to contact me if you have any question or feel free to talk about your child’s progress whenever you have any concern, I am always happy to help you.

So Welcome!