Assignments for the Week

Aside from doing many activities in class, here are the homework assignments for the week of March 15-19.  


Monday                                Subject/Verb agreement review, quiz on p. 66 in their yellow interactive reader, Hidden Messages (theme) due Wed.

Tuesday                                Review on Run-on sentences/Daily Oral Language on board, Agreement in Numbers pgs. 25, 26, 28  due Thursday

Wednesday                          Write a short narrative on a shamrock explaining how you found good luck, discuss different voices from Write Trait                                                       book called Voices in the Park.  Split into groups after reading with collored cards, fill out  character chart.

Thursday                              Take vocab pre-test, discuss 4 types of theme, discuss and analyze poetry with ant/dove

Friday                                    Discuss/review similies and their usage, analyze and discuss poem called Willow and Ginko, compare and contrast                                                           poems, revise flat writing from pgs. 54-55 in Student Write Trait book