Classroom Expectations

(Academic and Behavioral)


 Academic Expectations


  1.         Recognize and write the letters of an alphabet
  2.         Be able to write their first and last name
  3.         Should be able to read some sight words and color words
  4.         Be able to re-tell a story in their own words
  5.         Follow spoken direction
  6.         Focus on the teacher while he/she is teaching
  7.         Recognize numbers up to 100 and count to 100
  8.         Be able to do simple addition and subtraction problems
  9.         Tell time to the half hour


Behavior Expectations


  1. BE KIND...  Use kind words and actions.
  2. BE SAFE...  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  3. BE COOPERATIVE...  Follow adult directions the 1st time given.
  4. BE RESPECTFUL...  Raise hand before speaking.  Be courteous.
  5. BE RESPONSIBLE...  Have planner and materials ready for the day.



Green: GREAT day!

Yellow: Teacher will give a verbal warning!

Orange: First Offense (note in planner or phone call home)

Red: Second Offense (documentation sent to the office)

Severe disruptions will be immediately documented to the office.