•     Alphabetize with first letter
  •     Recognize main ideas
  •     Identify initial and final consonant digraphs
  •     Retell a story
  •     Sequence pictures
  •     Use singular and plural nouns
  •     Identify rhyming words
  •     Use context clues
  •     Construct one complete sentence
  •     Identify initial and final consonant sounds
  •     Identify two-letter blends




  •     Sort and describe geometric shapes by attributes
  •     Write and identify numerals to 100
  •     Use concepts of time, measurement, and money
  •     Organize and describe data using hands-on materials
  •     Use manipulatives to solve addition and subtraction number sequences to 10
  •     Write a number sentence to represent an addition or subtraction situation




  •     Recognize nouns, verbs, adjectives, and nominative case pronouns
  •     Understand declarative and interrogative sentences
  •     Wite and speak in complete sentences
  •     Learn how and why to write a friend a letter
  •     Write original thoughts
  •     Speak in front of a group and learn to listen
  •     Learn and understand new
  •     Use a basic spelling list
  •     Discover different literacy forms and elements of literature
  •     Understand the purpose of a dictionary
  •     Read for fun
  •     Print correctly in all written work 


Social Studies


  •     Self Map skills
  •     Families need clothes, food and shelter
  •     Families live in neighborhoods
  •     Current news and issues
  •     Living in the United States (national symbols and points of interest)




  •          Fossils/Dinosaurs
  •         Weather
  •         Plants and Animals
  •          Light and Color Material Objects