Ms.Chinikailo's English 9


Teaching Philosophy:

I believe that the purpose of education is to help students develop their intellect, but also, I think education should help students develop their character. Every student will be a part of a community; each citizen plays a vital role in society. The purpose of education is to equip students with the knowledge to be able to effectively participate in society from job life to personal life. Developing a strong character is just as important as developing a sharp mind. As a teacher, I will involve students in various activities during instructional class time. Students will participate in group work in order to evolve socially, and students will work independently to develop a sense of self in the classroom. Activities will integrate creativity, technology, and traditional learning to provide for a well-rounded educational experience. My time with students will be filled with meaningful experiences so each of them will be able to see growth in both levels of knowledge and community interaction.