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(1) Drums and creases: In addition to the carpets not being flattened before polyester POY Manufacturers, the main reason is the unevenness of the stretch of the support during the paving and the individual barbs in the barb board not caught. When opening, there will be a bulging phenomenon, and the carpet should be rolled back and flattened. The support of the support should be even when paving. After Zhang Ping, immediately install the barb board and hit with a flat shovel to ensure that all barbs can be Grab the carpet.
(2) Inconsistent color: the reason is that in addition to the poor quality of the material, it also includes that the surface of the base layer is wet or seeps to make the carpet discolor after absorbing water, and sun exposure makes the surface of the carpet lighter. It is necessary to choose good polyester yarn Manufacturers and color when buying Consistent carpets. Avoid using carpets on the water and grounds that are prone to water. Do not install carpets. Avoid direct sunlight or construction in harmful gas environments. Avoid direct sunlight in daily use.

Carpet pavement is a project with high comprehensive technical requirements, and more than two people must cooperate in the operation. If it is a carpet pavement with cushions, under the condition that the base layer is well processed, two people can complete a room in a day, such as Without padding, the polyester dope-dyed yarn Manufacturers construction period can be shortened by 1/3. Carpet pavement requires continuous operation in a room, which can be solved at one time. It can be solved by increasing labor.