Fun and Games

These are fun games to play on the road to keep the whole family busy!

The Alphabet Game: version 1:

As you first start your trip, each player looks at roadsigns, billboards, store front signs, etc, to find the letters A -Z. The winner is the person who finds the entire alphabet first by the end of the trip.

The Alphabet Game: version 2:

As you first start your trip, everyone in the vehicle looks for the letter A.  Together you work your way through the alphabet. The object of the game is simply for the whole family to find the alphabet by the end of the trip.

The Animal Game: (for country traveling)

At the start of your trip everyone decides on a set point system for each kind of wild animal your likely to see: (example: Deer:500 pts., Coon:100 pts., Rabbits:100 pts., Squirrel: 50 pts., Wild Hog:500 pts., etc.) The person that sees a wild animal and calls out it's name first (Deer! etc.) gets that many points. If two people see the animal, and they both call it out at exactly the same time, both get to have that number of points. (If you have a problem with honesty in this game, then you may want to set the rule that two people must see the animal for it to qualify for points. However, the first person to call out the animal still gets the points.