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Texas Home School Coalition
THSC State Convention & Family Conference
Aug 6-8 2009
The Woodlands Waterway Marriott
The Woodlands, Tx
Free catalogs in the mail:
Veritas Press: 1-800-922-5082
books, cds
Timerdoodle: 1-800-478-0672
books, lots of learning games, and learning toys
Love to Learn: 1-888-771-1034
books, games, home economics resourses
Home Science Tools: 1-800-860-6272
Every kind of science tool you need! Books, frog kits, chemicals, microscopes, telescopes, dissecting animals, rock collections, etc.
Homeschooling Books: 1-866-473-0737
Books, books, and more books on every subject!
Critcal Thinking (in core subject areas):
Math, spelling, english, science, history, lots of fun stuff, that seem very challenging and engaging. Mazes, Riddles, Role playing as detective, editor in chief, supreme court judge, & more!

A whole list of free catalogs!

Get 2 Months for $5!