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Grace Holiness Christian Academy

Kindergarten Graduation

Saturday June 27, 2009, 2:00 p.m.

Processional....Give Me That Old Time Religion...piano by Jeremy Bogan

Welcome....Julie Frady


Song...Little by Little...sung by Alainna Frady, & Rayanna Ruth

Bible Verses: Titus Ruth; John 16:23, Timothy Bogan; Acts16:31, Alainna Frady; John 14:6, Rayanna Ruth; Romans 3:23

Song...The Wonder Song... sung by Titus Ruth, Timothy Bogan, Alainna Frady, Rayanna Ruth, Brynna Ruth, Nathan Bogan, Zach Frady, Quentin Ruth

What We've Learned...Titus Ruth, Timothy Bogan, Alainna Frady, Rayanna Ruth



Kindergarten Diploma's presented to ... Titus Ruth and Timothy Bogan

Song...Give you Wings...sung by Stephen Bogan, Amanda Ruth, piano by Jeremy Bogan

Poem...Titus Ruth and Timothy Bogan

Recessional...The Good Old Gosple Train



Get 2 Months for $5!