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Rüdiger Volk, Ph.D.  8 Sussex Street, Boston, MA 02120-2206Ph: (617) 442 9764  or   rvolk_2000@yahoo.com or rvolk@rcc.mass.edu  Objective:       Experienced Instructor for Chemistry, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology seeks a challenging position in the field of Teaching (T) & research (R)  


Institution                                           Place                Degree   Date     Science FieldUniversity of Berlin                             Germany          Ph.D.     1990    Molecular BiologyUniversity of Berlin                             Germany          M.S.      1987    Biochemistry/Protein ChemistryUniversity of Wuppertal                       Germany          B.S.      1983    ChemistryUnion Kraftstoff, Inc.                          Germany          Assist.   1980    Chemistry Professional Experience:

2004 - present  Professor of Chemistry and A&P, Community, State and Private College, Boston & Quincy, Fitchburg MA, U.S.A.

                       I-Field: Teaching 5 credit Science classes, curriculum establishment, BATEC curriculum2001-2003       Director of Marketing and Business Development at Mouse Specifics, Inc.

I/B-Field: non-invasive Electrocardiogram-instruments and GAIT-System for mice, on-line service for both systems. Creating business relationship to End users and to wholesalers. Representation to scientific meetings and showcases.

1994-2001       Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Molecular Biology chief: Prof. Simons, M.D., Center for Angiogenesis, Dept. Cardiology at BIDMC, Boston, MA, U.S.A.                      R-Field: Investigation of the biological function of secondary receptors (Heparin sulfate containing Syndecan and Glypican) in respect of growth factors and matrix proteins. 1995 – 1997    Part-time consultant for Lochridge & Co. Counseling Inc. Marketing firm, Boston                       B-Field: combining international companies and their line of products

1994 -1995      Professor of Microbiology, Community College, Boston, MA, U.S.A.

                       I-Field: Teaching 4 credit microbiology class, curriculum establishment1991- 1993      Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Molecular Biology chief: Prof. Bonventre, MD, Ph.D., Renal Unit at Mass. General Hospital, Boston, MA, U.S.A.                        R-Field: Characterization of the genomic structure of the Kid-1 gene coding for a kidney specific and developmentally regulated transcription factor.1989 – 1991    Research and Teaching Assistant of Biochemistry chief: Prof. Wombacher, Ph.D. and Prof. Wörner, Ph.D. at Technische Fachhochschule, Berlin, Germany.                        D-Field: Characterization of the glycolysis pattern of monoclonal antibodies.                        I-Field: Enzymology, Biochemistry, Protein Chemistry1987 – 1990    PhD-Student in Molecular Biology mentor: Prof. Knöchel, Ph.D., M.D. at Inst. for Mol. Biol. & Biochemistry, Dept. of Basic Medicine, University of Berlin, Germany.R-Field: Characterization of an Antisense Transcript from the Xenopus laevis bFGF Gene1986                Master Thesis in Protein Chemistry, Mentor: Prof. Wittmann-Liebold, Ph.D., Max-Planck Institute of Molecular Genetics in Berlin-Dahlem, Germany.

R-Field: Primary structure of a ribosomal protein fragment of a DNA-binding protein of the extremely thermophilic bacterium Thermus aquaticus.

 Work history prior to 1986 available upon request.        ------        Work permit: Greencard holder Reference:Dr. Marie McIlwrath, Director for Develp. Learning, RCC, Boston, w.: 617-427 0060 x                        wmelmer@rcc.mass.edu

Dr. Jose Alicea, Vice pres. Assist., RCC, Boston, MA 02120      w: 617-427 0060 x 5312                   jalicea@rcc.mass.edu

Susan Paris , Dean for Liberal Art and Science, Quincy College,  Quincy, MA   w: 617-984-1643         sparis@quincycollege.eduProf. Michael Simons, M.D., Dartmouth College, NH    --   w:+1-603-650 3540                                  Michael.Simons@Hitchcock.org