Algebra 1 Period 3

Welcome to Algebra 1!

Here I will be posting all assignments, helpful resources (videos, websites, etc...) and what we've learned throughout the year. Scroll down to see earlier days.

Wednesday September 21st:


Assignment: Page 192-197 #s 1-37

(Get to number 12 by tomorrow)

Tuesday September 20th:

Reviewed sections 3.7 and 3.8.

Assignment: Study for the quiz.

Monday September 19th:  

Here's a video for help! 

We will continue to rewrite formulas and equations, section 3.8.

Assignment: Pages 187-189 #s 20-30 and 32-36

Friday September 16th:

We learned to rewrite equations and formulas, section 3.8.

Assignment: Page 187 #s 3-8