Robert Kendall's Teacher Page


It's time to Algebra! During the next ten months we will be learning new and exciting ways to solve problems. Along the way we will make mistakes, hopefully lot's of them, for that is what mathematicians do. It's also how we learn the best. So make sure you have a pencil and plenty of erasers! In each of your individual classes (you can find them above) I will be adding content daily to let you all know what we did, important discoveries that we made, places to find more information, videos of lessons from the web, padlet walls, and generally anything I think might help you along the way. Also, you will be able to find any assignments from any day (just scroll down for older days.) 


If you (or your parent) wants to send me a message, check the about me tab for my contact info.


If you have suggestions, feel free to let me know. Remember to be respectful to your classmates, me, and most importantly yourselves and have fun!



The web is filled with great resources for math, as is that phone you have! Here are some of the better ones that I have found. If you know of some let me know.

Khan Academy  - great resource for videos and mini quizzes.

Desmos - great online graphing utility, also has an Apple and Android app!

Photomath - A camera calculator that shows you the steps in solving problems.

Math is Fun and Purple Math- Websites with many resources.

And many more... I'll be adding more to this throughout the year.