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Click to viewWelcome to Mr. River’s Second Grade

What we will learn in Second Grade

We will read more chapter books, do harder addition and subtraction. We will have fun learning about things in science. We will do all kinds of writing. I have some fun field trips planned too.

Classroom Behavior/Rules

I have four very simple rules that will make our classroom a learning place.

  1. Listen and follow directions.

  2. Keep hands and feet to yourself.

  3. Respect your classmates and teacher.

  4. Do your best!

We will have a great year if these four simple rules are followed. We will have many rewards when these rules are followed. Such as sit with a friend, sit in my chair, extra computer time, earn classroom cash to buy things, and free game time.

If the rules are not followed your child might miss recess, lunch detention, a phone call home, or after school detention.

Digital Citizenship is an important topic in this day and age of technology. We have strict firewalls on our technology. We will go over the rules of using the internet in class. If your student violates any of these rules you will be contacted and they might lose their privilege of using the technology.

How students are graded/policies

Our school is on a 1-4 grading system. 4 is doing great and 1 is they did not learn the concept. There will be opportunities for reteach if a student needs more help. Attendance and being on time is of the upmost importance. They aren’t able to learn if they aren’t at school. If they are absent they will be expected to make up the work they missed. We do our reading first thing in the morning and if they are late your child will miss part of the lesson. Every three weeks I will keep you posted on your child’s grades. My homework policy is for your child to read 20 minutes each night and to a review page of what we learned for the day. Any work they did not get finished in class will also be homework. They have plenty of time to finish their work if they use their time wisely.




Have Fun!
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