Thunderstorms and Lighting

This page talks about Thunderstorms:

1. General Information:

The Thunderstorms are very dangerous because they are almost related to the start of Tornados. Also these Thunderstorms are harmful because they can cause many damages like destroying property and hurt many others. During the start of a Thunderstorm you can notice some strange things before the hit... like the clouds turn a different color such as gray. Also you can smell the rain before it comes and turns into a Thunderstorm. When a Thunderstorm strikes it can cause massive fires like wildfires that can happen in the woods.


2. Three things that you can observe in this severe weather:

1. You can smell the rain before it comes.

2. You can see the clouds change it's shape and color.

3. You can see the damage(s) it can cause to a centain place or thing.


3. Where can you find this severe weather:

You can find this severe weather in the United States like in the parts of California.


4. List four damages that Thunderstorms causes:

1. Thunderstorms can cause many floods.

2. Thunderstorms can cause many wildfires and kill people.

3. Thunderstorms can release enough enery to cause a balckout.

4. Thunderstorms can cause many hurtful shocks to people standing around those areas.


5. Formation of Thunderstorms:

The formation of Thunderstorms is that the moist air rises into the cold air above land and sea. As the humid air rises to a great height water vapor condenses.


6. Safety Tips: 

Whenever you get caught in a Thunderstorm you should:

1. Not stand next to a tree... the lighting could strike giving you a powerful and dangerous shock.

2. You should stay in a car (sometimes) The wheels are rubber and cannot conduct eletricity.

3. You should be away from outdoors... because staying outside can cause hurtful shocks sometimes.


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