Our Day

Our days go by very quickly since we only have about three hours together.  However, we work really hard to fit it all in.  Last year I only had 14 children so I was able to do a lot of individual instruction with the help of my aide.  Next year I will have 23 children so I will be utilizing both my aide and a parent helper.  During your first year it is important that you remember to take the help that is given to you.  You will need it!  Parents are a great source for support.  I utilize my parent helpers as often as possible for reading groups, getting art projects together and just helping out around the classroom. 

 Once you have decided on the number of helpers you will have you will be able to better decide on your schedule.  (Mainly asking yourself: Do I want to have centers or not?)  My first year I did not do centers; however, next year I will be doing centers for language.  


Here is an example of my schedule last year:

Welcome:  Morning Message

Writer's Workshop

Knee to Knee Sharing









Choice/ Special Activity