Q3W2 Math Homework

Part 1: Adding and Subtracting Fractions


  1. You give 1/3 of a pan of brownies to Susan and 1/6 of the pan of brownies to Patrick. How much of the pan of brownies did you give away?

  2. You go out for a long walk. You walk 3/4 of a mile and then sit down to take a rest. Then you walk 3/8 of a mile. How far did you walk altogether?

  3. Pam drinks 7/8 liters of soda. Paul then drinks 1/2 a liter of soda. How much do they drink altogether?

  4. A school wants to make a new playground by cleaning up and abandoned lot that is shaped like a rectangle. They give the job of planning the playground to a group of students. The students decide to use 1/4 of the playground for a basketball court and 3/8 of the playground for a soccer field. How much is left for the swings and play equipment?

  5. Marty made two types of cookies. He used 2/3 cup of sugar for one recipe and 1/4 cup of sugar for the other. How much sugar did he use in all?



Part 2: Multiplying Fractions


  1. A dime is 1/2 inch wide. If you put 5 dimes end to end, how long would they be from beginning to end?

  1. You have 10 cookies and want to give 1/2 of them to a friend. How many do you give to your friend?

  1. You have 8 donuts and you want to give 1/4 of them to a friend. How many donuts would your friend get?

  1. You have 6 donuts and you want to give 2/3 of them to a friend and keep the rest for yourself. How many donuts would your friend get?

  1. Five friends buy a package of 12 cookies and want to share them equally. Each friend will get 1/5 of the cookies. How much will each friend get?



Part 3: Dividing Fractions


  1. You have 2/4 of a pizza and you want to share it equally between 2 people. How much of the pizza does each person get?

  1. A baker is making cakes for a big party. She uses 1/4 cup of oil for each cake. How many cakes can she make if she has a bottle of oil that has 6 cups in it?

  1. The serving size for the granola that Ted likes to eat for breakfast is 3/4 cup. How many servings are there in a box that holds 13 cups?

  1.  How many 1/2 cup servings are in a package of cheese that contains 5 1/4 cups altogether?

  1.  Mrs. Murphy's class is making pillow cases. Each pillow case uses 3/4 of a yard of fabric. How many pillow cases can they make out of 12 1/2 yards of fabric