Meet Mrs. Sailor

This is my 3rd year teaching.  I have taught kindergarten the past 2 years and this is my 1st year in 2nd grade!  I am excited to begin this new adventure in my teaching career!  I believe in every child having a hand in their learning.  In my classroom, there will be a lot of hands-on collaborative projects and everyone being immersed in books.    I have been married for almost 15 years to my wonderful husband Travis who is a Police Officer.  I have 3 boys, Tylor 13 yrs old, Ryon 9 yrs old, and Noah 8 yrs old.  My son Tylor is in middle school at Baker School in Baker, Florida.  Ryon and Noah are here at WDE and are in 4th and 3rd grades.  I love spending time with my family and doing things around the house.  I am happy that you are in my class and cannot wait to learn more about you!