Vocabulary Words

1. journeyed:  if you have traveled on a long trip, you have journeyed.

2. frail:  when you feel very weak, you are frail

3. stomped:  if you stopmed, you used your feet to make heavy, pounding steps.

4. sipped:  if you sipped, you took a very small drink of something

5. entertain:  when you entertain an audience, you do something, such as acting or sipping, that you mean all but that one.

6. except:  when you talk about every thing except one, you mean all but that one.

7. carefree:  a carefree person does not worry about problems.

8. screeching:  if you hear a screeching noise, you hear a loud, high sound that can hurt your ears.

9. horrendous:  when you see or hear something horrible or frightening, it is horrendous.

10. melodious:  if you hear musical sounds that are pleasant to listen to, you are hearing something melodious.