What's Up in Class?

In reading, we're coming full circle with Literature Circles!
Our class has been getting prepared for literature circles!  Literature circles is when students select a chapter book to read, after hearing a Book Talk from the teacher.  Then, small groups of students are given a monthly calendar that indicates what chapters they'll be reading, when to complete their literature circle job, and when they'll discuss their reading with their group.  Its a great way for students to interact independently and discuss what they've read.  Literature Circles is a great way to promote Responsibility and Effort, because in order for the group to be 100% successful...everyone is required to DO their JOB.


In science:  Did you know that no one "measures up" to 3rd Graders?

To start off the 4th quarter of school, students will be immersed in MEASUREMENT.  From inches to volume, students will have the opportunity to measure everyday objects, read and compare temperatures, understand the metric system and revisit their 100th day bottles to compare volume and capacity.