Student of the Week

 (Week of: April 4, 2011)
One of my favorite things about Alex is his cool hair...please mom don't get it cut.  Cool  The other cool things I could say about him would go on and on, he's a terrific kid!  Alex is the youngest of two and looks up to his older brother Anthony.  He enjoys playing video games and riding his bike.  I wonder if his bike is purple?  Because, that's his favorite color.  In addition, he enjoys reading the Diary of Wimpy Kid series, and  participating in P.E. & science.  When he's older, Alex would like to become a professional football player.  Go Alex!




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 (Week of: March 28, 2011)

Meet Jacob, a kiddo who's future includes becoming a police officer.  Jacob is a real funny guy, and this picture shows a small fraction on how funny he can really be!  He enjoys hanging out with friends at school, but he adores being with his family.  In fact, he looks up to his older brother Brendan.  When it comes to school subjects, he enjoys learning math and playing P.E.  When he's not in school, you can probably catch him playing video games and watching t.v. during his spare time.  When he's had enough that, he'll be visualizing his own special effects while reading The Guardians of Ga'Hoole. 


   (Week of: March 21, 2011)

This week's star is Preston, and he's who I consider a Math Wizard!  Really!  This kid truly amazes me with his computation skills, and I consider him my personal calculator.  Thanks Preston!  Preston is the oldest of two, and he enjoys drawing, playing video games and building with Legos.  Some of his favorites at school include math and P.E., but I also thinks he enjoys art class because you can catch him drawing quite often.  Preston is a real caring individual who will help anyone who asks.  So, I hope he puts this lifeskill to great use in the future as well.

 (Week of: March 7, 2011)

This is Peyton, and don't break any rules because she's a real great cop.  In fact, she's our classroom police officer, and she completes her job with pride.  She hasn't decided whether to become a teacher or a police officer when she's older, but I suggest teach future police officers at the police academy.  Peyton is the oldest of three kids, and loves her family very much.  But, on occassion, you may catch her beating up her brother Rex...she did say its one of her hobbies.  In addition to hobbies, she also enjoys riding her bike, reading and watching t.v.  Thanks for reading about Peyton! 

(Week of: Feb. 21, 2011)
This weeks star is Katie, and she's a girl with honor.  Not only is Katie a girl scout, she's a true friend.  Katie celebrated her birthday this February, and didn't want the day to end.  Everyday for Katie is a celebration!  Katie has one older brother and treasures her family very much.  Along with her family, she enjoys drawing, playing and being a girl scout.    Her favorite series to read is Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but you could catch her reading just about anything...she enjoys it.  But, I wonder if she enjoys reading just as much as drawing?  Because she's truly an artist.

(Week of: Feb. 14th, 2011)
This weeks star is Grace, and she's a sweetheart!  Grace is one of five children and adores her family very much.  Along with her family, she enjoys spending time with all of her animals.  My favorite is hearing about her chickens and horses!  In addition, Grace just celebrated a birthday.  She had the opportunity to spend time with her extended family, which made her birthday even better.  When she's not spending time with family, she enjoys playing sports, spending time with friends and reading.  Her favorite series to read is the Magic Tree House.  I wonder if she's read them all?  I know she reads alot for her F.R.E.D. reader...go Grace! 
(Week of Feb. 7th, 2011)

This week's star is Sheyenne, and she's such a sweetheart, and I'm not saying that because Valentine's Day is coming up.  She really is!Sheyenne adores being with her mom, dad and family friend Rick.  Plus, she has two daushands at home, that probably adore her too. She enjoys reading Junie B. Jones books and playing with her friends and sports.  When she's older she either wants to become a teacher or a scientist.  I wonder if that's why her favorite subject is math?  But, I have an idea! can be both!  Whatever your heart desires, work hard to achieve your goals!  Thanks for taking the time to get to know Sheyenne better.


(Week of Jan. 31st, 2011)

Meet Larissa...a dedicated student who can surprise you with her knowledge and fun spirit.  She's a person you look forward to seeing each day, and I'm proud to be her teacher!  Larissa celebrated a birthday not too long ago, and I'm happy to say we share a common interest...liking the color PURPLE!  She has a wonderful family that she enjoys being with, and has picked up reading teh Rangers Apprentice from her older brother.  When she's not reading, Larissa can be seen playing soccer or working on the computer.  (I hope she continues to answer the Web Q's.)  Her favorite subject is spelling, and she hope to teach it when she becomes a future teacher. 


 (Week of:  Jan. 17, 2011)

This weeks star is Rebecca, and she has been a delightful young lady since I met her over a year ago.  Rebecca would visit me every morning before the start of the school year when she was in 2nd grade, and she's kept her warm smile ever since.  As a teacher, I was very fortunate to have met her and be her 3rd grade teacher.  Rebecca is the youngest of two girls, her older sister was a student of mine 2 years ago; and still visits me daily.  They're awesome young ladies who take care of one another.  Rebecca enjoys math, skateboarding, playing with her friends and riding her bike.  When she's taking a break from these activities, you could probably catch her reading the Boxcar Children, which happens to be her favorite book series.  I think all of her reading will pay off, because she would like to grow up and become a 2nd grade teacher.  Which has left me wondering..."Why not third?"  Thank you for taking the time to get to know Rebecca better.  Wink


(Week of:  Jan. 3rd, 2011)

This week's star for the New Year is Andrea, and watch out!  She has one powerful defensive play when it comes to playing soccer.  This sport is one of her passions, and maybe you'll see her on an Olympic team someday.  Along with soccer, reading...reading...reading is another pastime that she enjoys.  In fact, I heard that she reads to her little brother Luis quite often and he can already Read!  That's wonderful!  I guess there's a future educator in the works? Andrea did mention that she would like to become a teacher when she's older.  Whatever she chooses, I'm sure her Mom, Dad and little brother will be very pleased, and her pet dog Hazel will probably be wagging her tail happily.  In addition, not only is Andrea a talented athlete and student, she's an ARTIST. (No wonder her favorite subject is Art class.)  Andrea's illustrations are amazing, and her work has inspired others to do their personal best as well. 

(Week of Dec. 6th)

Take a look at this week's Rising Star...introducing Tommy!  If you ever have a bad day, then you need to hang out with Tommy.  Not only is he a fantastic friend, he really knows how to cheer you up.  He knows the definition to "friendship."  Tommy is the youngest of two, and by the looks of this picture I think he enjoys it.  Want to know a few of Tommy's favorites?  Well, he enjoys social studies, and has several favorite colors, he likes to play with his friends and play video games.  When he's not hanging out with them, you can probably catch him reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  After Tommy graduates from high school, he would like to become a professional football player.  That would be awesome to have his dream come true.  Thanks for taking the time to get to know Tommy.


(Week of Nov. 15th) 

 This week's ALL-STAR is Riley, and he's one sporty dude.  Riley is one of six, and says he enjoys being with his family very much.  In addition to his family, he also enjoys and loves baseball!  In fact, Riley would like to become a professional baseball player someday.  Good luck Riley, we know you can do it.  Some of his favorites pastimes are playing baseball, video games and working with his Dad.  He also likes to read chapter books when he's not playing baseball.  Cool   Did you know that playing baseball involves science and math?  It really does, so I guess that's why Riley likes science the best.  Well, I guess its time to "Play Ball!" 



(Week of Nov. 8th) 

This weeks star student is Sydney, and boy is she inquistive!  Trust me, this bright young lady has some great questions, and as a just makes you smile.  Laughing  Sydney was born on June 17th, only 3 days after Flag day.  I wonder if she knew that?  Well, she shares her sense of humor with her Mom, Dad, younger brother Nathan and her two dogs Penny and Copper.  I wonder if she knows that the penny has less copper than the rest of the coins?  She enjoys playing volleyball and softball, but when she grows up she would like to become an artist.  I wonder if she would like to design sport emblems?  Her favorite school subject is science, but she also enjoys reading.  In fact, one of her favorite series to read is titled "I Survived."  Well, its been a pleasure getting to know Sydney, and I can't wait to her what other questions she has for me this school year.


 (Week of Nov. 1st)

Meet this week's All-Star!  Garrett is your all around sports pro.  In fact, when he grows up he has dreams of becoming a professional baseball player.  Garrett...we know you can do it!  He enjoys playing sports, riding his bike and playing his Wii.  I wonder what his favorite Wii game is?  When he's not playing sports outside or on t.v., Garrett says he enjoys reading the book Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  He probably likes to read his math book too, as math is his favorite school subject.  Being the active person that he is, Garrett enjoys hanging out with his Mom, Dad and younger brother Tanner, and I can't forget Cooper his wonderful dog!  Thanks for taking the time to get to know Garrett.  Oh yeah, did I mention his favorite color?  It's red!

(Week of Oct. 25th)

This week's star is Sami, and she will brighten up your day!  I guess that's why her favorite color is yellow.  Not only will she brighten your day, she's a great help in class.  Way to Sami!  Speaking of school, shortly after school began Sami celebrated her birthday.  In fact, she celebrated this past August 19th and it was fun to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY...CHA-CHA-CHA to her.  I hope she wasn't too embarrassed.  Embarassed  In order to get to know her better, a few of her pasttimes include solving math problems, going to school and reading.  In fact, I've heard from her dad that she reads for about an hour before school.  Talk about dedication!  A series that Sami enjoys reading is the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan.  These books are AWESOME!  It's a great thing she likes to read, because she would like to become a teacher when she grows up.  She would be an excellent educator, and it would probably make her Dad, Mom and older brother Cooper proud.



(Week of Oct. 18th)
When it comes to having a great friend and someone to depend on, then this week's star is it.  Meet Stockton!   Stockton is the youngest of five kids, and is a real spirited young man.  He enjoys playing sports and video games during his free time, and even shared one of his favorite football trophies with us.  He also enjoys reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, and I hope he's looking forward to the new book coming this November.  When he's not reading, he's probably solving math problems on the sidelines, because math is his favorite school subject.  If you ever need help with math, Stockton is your man.  Finally, when asked what he would like to be when he grows up, Stockton answered, "a Navy Seal!"   I wonder if that's why his favorite color is blue?

(Week of Oct. 11th)
 This week's star is Faith, and if you're ever in need of a great friend...Faith is it!  Faith just celebrated a birthday, and is now experiencing her last year as a single digit.  She enjoys spending time with her Mom, Dad and older sister and brother...oh yeah...and her two beagles.  When she's older, she would like to become a teacher!  YEAH!  I wonder if she'll correct papers using a pink pen?  It is her favorite color.  Being a teacher is fun, I guess that's why she also likes spelling and playing school.  When it comes to hobbies, she enjoys cheer and playing with her friends.  Like I said, when you need a friend...Faith can "cheer" you up.  Gimme a F - A - I - T - H...what does that spell??? FAITH!!!!  Wink


(Week of Oct. 4th)
Weston is one cool, sparkling star!  He always has an entertaining story to share and he's just fun to have around!  Weston says that he likes spending time with his Dad, Mom and older sister, and he enjoys jammin on a keyboard.  But, those aren't the only keys he likes to play, he also treasures his video games.  In addition to playing, Weston likes reading the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.  I wonder if he's started the new one?  When asked what he would like to be when he's older, Weston is currently undecided.  Maybe he'll become an author, because he says that writing is his favorite school subject.


(Week of Sept. 27th)
This week's "rising star" is Alec, and he' s a person who puts forth 100% effort in class.  He's the quiet type in class, but once he's out at recess..."Watch out!"  Alec is someone who enjoys the outdoors.  He likes riding his bike, playing sports and playing with her friends.  One of his favorite sports is baseball, and he hopes to become a professional baseball player in the future.  In fact, he enjoys baseball so much, he brought in a trophy and souvenir baseballs to show the class.  WOW!  In addition to baseball, Alec's favorite color is red and his favorite school subject is math.  After solving math problems, you may find him reading The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, or hanging out with his parents and two brothers.  They're very lucky to have him. 


(Week of Sept. 20th)
This week's "rock star" is Brady and he's one cool dude!  Not only did he play the ukulele to us in class, he brought
lots of personal artifacts and stories to share as well.  Brady is the youngest of three children, who likes to
chill out on the Hawaiian beach.  When he's not resting on the beach, he enjoys solving math problems and playing sports.  In fact, when he grows up, he would like to become a professional football, baseball and "you name it" athelete.  Playing sports, video games and just going outside are a few of his hobbies.  When it comes to favorite pastimes, Brady enjoys reading the Magic Tree House Series and playing with his dog Rex.  Soon, it will be Brady's birthday...I hope he receives something in "red" because that's his favorite color.