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Download to listen to chapters of Stone Fox --  Stone Fox Podcasts

Little Grunt and the Big Egg -- Rags to Riches Game!

The Armadillo from Amarillo -- Rags to Riches Vocabulary Game

The Armadillo from Amarillo -- Reading Review Game

Balto, the Dog Who Saved Nome -- Vocabulary Game

Balto, the Dog Who Saved Nome -- Rags to Riches Game!

Become a Codebreaker!  Try CryptoKids!!!

Enjoy reading poetry with Poetry for Kids

Listen to stories online with Storyline Online

Read about real HEROES on My Hero

Vocabulary Games


Practice writing a Persuasion...Try the Persuasion Map

Write a Diamante Poem

Build a house with Sentence Clubhouse

Arrange a group of words to form Patch Work Sentences 

Correct punctuation at the Punctuation Campground

Play Noun Dunk to test your knowledge on common & proper nouns.

Noun Explorer -- what willl you discover in this fun game!

Pronoun Treasure Hunt

Homonym Matching

Prefix, Suffix, and Base Word Practice

Little Explorers Picture Dictionary

Choose your own way to escape the day with Mortifying Monday!

Writing Fun -- an interactive writing help website.

Make your own comics at Make Beliefs Comix!


Wordle -- Practice typing your spelling words with this cool graphic!

Dance Mat Typing -- Have some fun while learning how to type.

A variety of keyboarding games on Learning Games for KIds

Spelling City -- Try a practice test or play games with your spelling words.

Retype misspelled words and use Look, Cover, Write & Check to practice!

Type your spelling words into this program Look, Cover, Write, Check!

Wordle--type in your words and watch them appear in different fonts!


Fraction tutorial

A variety of Fraction Fun Practice -- one of my favorites!

Who wants pizza?  Fraction practice 

Try this unique fraction'll have a ball.

Melvin's Make a Match -- Fraction game

Fraction Fun!

Tony's Fraction Pizza Shop

Practice a variety of math skills with Cool Math 4 Kids!

Make graphs, tell time, etc...this site has it all for 3rd grade! IXL

Math Magician -- Try out these fun math fact drills!

Manipulate geometric solids.  Totally awesome!

Practice Perimeter & Area

Try the Perimeter & Area game...You'll dig it!

Various math links for all grade levels -- Internet for the Classroom

Practice Rounding to the  Nearest 10

Rounding Number Flashcards

AAA Math -- A variety of basic math skills you can practice.

Have fun learning about money with Sovereign Bank

Reinforce your math skills at the Schoolhouse

Practice reading an analog clock with Clock Wise

Practice telling time with Analog & Digital clocks with "Stop the Clock!" 

Stop the Clock - hour & half-hour practice

Stop the Clock -- 15 minute practice

Stop the Clock - 5 minute practice

Stop the Clock - one minute practice

Check out these Place Value Games

Place value movie 

Practice Place Value in "word form" with Cookie Dough

Millionaire game

Build a number with Arrow Cards

Practice finding Place Value

Expanded Form

Place value Mystery Picture

Place value Golf

6-digit Place Value

Practice reading and writing numbers


Explorers Research


World Landforms 

Try out the World Map Quiz!

Test your "Mapping Knowledge" by playing Battleship!

World Atlas

Geography for Kids

Research & Learn new information with the Fact Monster

Growth of a Nation

Kids News Room -- news stories written just for kids

Keep up to date by reading Scholastic for Kids

It's time for Time 4 Kids!

The Democracy Project -- A fabulous site where you become president for the day.

Build your own city with City Creator!

Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government

Read & experience The First Thanksgiving

Learn more about The Underground Railroad

Sadako & the Thousand Paper Cranes -- Atom bomb attack on Japan

Map of Japan

Japan Unit -- Homes, Food, Schools

Don't Gross Out the World -- Dining etiquette


Rock Cycle Animation

Try this out!   Rocks and Soils

Sound Instruments 

Try this sound matching game!

See an animation on how the EAR works.

Take a science journey with Try Science!

Here's the official site of our science curriculum -- FOSS Science

Get in the kitchen with ZOOM Kitchen Chemistry!

Energy Kids

Explore optical illusions with Mind Lab

Endangered TV -- video and information on animals becoming endangered 

OLogy -- at the American Museum of Natural History

School Science Clips from the BBC

Geology for Kids

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