Web Q's!

Glitter Words

Okay class....test your knowledge on what you've learned in class.

Here's the start of WEB Q's!
Be the first to answer the question by e-mailing the answer to me.  Wink


Last week's Web Question:

There are 5 rows of 9 chairs, and 30 chairs are being used.  How many chairs are empty? 

Garrett and Larissa answered 15, and they're correct!  Great job you two!

Here's the new Web Question.....

If you were at an ice cream shop and you could pick from 3 different flavors, choose from 3 toppings and pick from 4 different sizes.  How many combinations of ice creams could you make?

       e-mail the answer to:   sabrina.leblond@dvusd.org


 "Web Q" Winners!

         Week of:        


   Sept. 6th


 Sept. 20th

 Garrett  & Peyton

 Oct. 4th

 Peyton, Rebecca & Sami

 Oct. 11th


 Oct. 18th

 Larissa, Stockton, Peyton, Rebecca & Garrett

 Nov. 8th

 Larissa, Rebecca & Peyton

 Nov. 15th


 Dec. 6th


 Jan. 24th


 Jan. 31st

 Garrett & Larissa

 Feb. 21st