F.R.E.D. Readers

 Congratulations to our December F.R.E.D. Readers! 


  Congratulations to our October F.R.E.D. readers. 


Congratulations to our September F.R.E.D. readers. 

These students kept track of their reading for the month of September and read 350 minutes or more.  These kiddos are on the right track.  Keep it up!  Cool

You may be asking..."What are F.R.E.D. readers?"
F.R.E.D. stands for Families Reading Every Day, and this is a great opportunity for students and their families to enjoy some books  together.  Whether a student is reading to others, by themselves, or being read to...reading can promote a sense of adventure, plus improve fluency and comprehension.

So, how does a student become a F.R.E.D. reader?  The following steps will explain....

1.Set a Goal!  On the calendar, set a reading goal for yourself. How many minutes do you plan on reading each day?

Click here to download & print out October's F.R.E.D. reader!

November's F.R.E.D. reader!

December's F.R.E.D. reader!

2.You’re a F.R.E.D. Reader!  You will become a F.R.E.D. reader if you read at least 350 minutes each month. Your picture will be posted on the classroom website!

3.Keep track of your minutes!  List the number of minutes you and your family read each day.  And, remember to keep a running total.

4.Get a parent signature.  When you have completed your calendar, please make sure a parent/guardian signs it before turning in.

5.Turn in your calendar!  Turn in your calendar at the end of the month.  Your teacher will collect them the next school day.