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The link above has hundreds of free online books that students can search for and read online FOR FREE! Every story has the option to be read by the computer. Each book also includes a quiz, games, lessons, and a template to create book reports. This site is amazing and should be used frequently. Most of the books are A.R. tests as well!


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This free, online book search tool allows students to build personal reading lists that will best complement their reading ability and interests from a growing database of fiction and nonfiction titles. Using Lexile measures, the standard for matching readers with books, “Find a Book, Florida” makes it easier for students and families to select the right books and then locate these selections at their local public library.

Since the program’s inception in Florida this summer, “Find a Book” has scored more than 40,000 unique visits to the site, averaging nearly 10 minutes in the book search. We encourage you to share “Find a Book, Florida” with teachers throughout your district as another tool to support your district’s reading efforts.