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Math Resources


In class we always read a word problem at least two times.  These are also some steps to follow when trying to solve a word problem:

  1. Read the problem.
  2. Identify and underline the question you are  being asked.
  3. Read the problem again, this time identifying and underlining important information.
  4. Look for phrases to help you indetify the operation(s) needed to solve the problem.
  5. Show your work as you use the operations to solve the problems.
  6. Check your work to ensure that you have the correct answer by doing the inverse operation or estimating when appropriate.
  7. Include a word answer (label) for the word problem.


Addition - What is the total?

How many in all together?

How many in all?

What is the sum?

Subtraction - How many fewer or less?

What is the difference?

How much change?

How many are left?

Multiplication - How many altogether?

What is the product of...?

Find the multiples of ...?

What is the area?

Division - Find the quotient?

How many equal parts?

Many many in each group?

Divide into equal parts?




Mark the spot

Look to the right

4 or less (4,3,2,1,0)

Out of sight

5 or more (5,6,7,1,9)

Add 1 more

Before we too

Shut the door!


                                                                                  MATH PRACTICE

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