My Classroom Website

Dear Parents and Students,

     Welcome to Room 51!  I am looking forward to a wonderful year with your wonderful children.  I am so excited that this website is now up and running.  It is much more user friendly for all of us --- parents, students, and myself.  Please note that I have not gotten each tab updated so some information from last year is still posted.  

    My goal for this website is to facilitate communication between the parents, students in the classroom, and myself.  I will update homework assignments each day as soon after school as possible.  Unfortunately, meetings and other activities will sometimes prevent me from updating until late afternoon or evening.  It's a "work in progress" so if you have recommendations or items you wish added, please send me an email with your suggestions.

     Our classroom uses 2 boxes of Kleenex each week and we clean student desks once a week with baby wipes.  Donations of these items will be greatly appreciated.  Please refer to the "Wish List" tab to see what other items are classroom needs.

     Mail, tests/assignments to be signed by a parent, and Behavior Chart will be sent home each Friday in your child's Friday Folder.  These items are to be returned by you on Monday. 

      Please don't hesitate to e-mail me at if you have any questions.   E-mail is the fastest way to get in touch with me as I check my e-mail several times a day.  I would love to have your email as well.  Should you prefer to call, please leave a message with the office and I will return your telephone call after the end of the school day. 


Mrs. Allyn



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