Chiropractic Practice for Back Pain

It is a non-surgical treatment for the nervous system and musculoskeletal system. The prime focus of Chiropractic treatment is spinal manipulation. Chiropractors focus on spine treatment to improve the whole-body structure. According to research, Chiropractic is quite good for lower back pain, neck and back pain.




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People with non-specific back pain should give a shot to Chiropractic treatment for the best results. As the treatment is natural and has long term solution.


Check out the examination and therapies involved in Chiropractic treatment for chronic back pain.


Chiropractic Examination for Back Pain treatment


The examination includes three stages consultation, case history, and examination. During the examination, an X-ray might be done.


  1. Consultation of Chiropractic - You can seek the help of a south Brisbane chiropractor if you are suffering from back pain. You have to provide detailed information about your chronic pain to the practitioner. The brief synopsis such as:
  • Description of symptoms (burning sensation)
  • Frequency of symptoms
  • Area of pain
  • What makes the pain better (stretching or sitting or standing)
  • When the pain is worst (standing, sleeping, or lifting)
  1. Case History of the Patient - After consultation, the practitioner would like to know the patient and his family history. This will help the Chiropractor to provide the best treatment.
  • Family History
  • Eating habits
  • Past medical history of the patient
  • Professional and Personal life history
  • Other areas (depends on the answers to the above questions)
  1. Physical examination - After going through all the details, the practitioner will go for a physical examination to understand the vulnerability of back pain. The examination includes motion palpation technique to find spinal segments that are fixated or hypo mobile. This may include few tests such as
  • X-ray examination
  • A device to measure the temperature of the skin in the paraspinal region for a better understanding of back pain.

Three Categories of Lower Back Pain


The examination helps the Chiropractor to divide the lower back pain into three different categories for better understanding.

  1. Serious - The serious condition such as a tumour, infection, major neurological problem, fracture, prolong bleeding, burning sensation, open wound, pacemaker, joint infection, etc.
  2. Nerve Problem - Causing of Sciatica while pinching the nerve root in the lower back. The cause of Sciatica can be a lumbar herniated disc, spinal stenosis, or spondylolisthesis.  
  3. Non - Specific - There is no specific cause of few back pains. It might be the cause of poor posture or mechanical back pain in the lumbar spine.


Different Forms of Chiropractic Therapy


Common physiological methods in Chiropractic theory are:

  • Heat and Cold - The Chiropractic doctor uses both heat and cold to treat back pain. The cool ice pad is used to numb the affected area and then the heat pad is applied for the blood flow.
  • Physical Exercise - Some back pain involves the physical movement of the whole body. Physical exercises like stretching or strengthening of back.
  • Massage - Massage of soft tissues to improve blood circulation, reduce swelling and back pain inflammation. This therapy provides quick relief from back pain.
  • Diet Modification - Some Chiropractic doctors changes the whole diet of the patient for better results and some offer dietary supplement after the spinal manipulation.
  • Ultrasound -Ultrasound includes deep heat therapy on soft tissues and affected joints. Along with pain relief, it increases the blood flow and amplifies the healing process.   
  • Diathermy - Diathermy passes the tissue and provides heat to the denser tissue. It relaxes the muscle, connective tissues, reduces muscle spasms, and accelerates the healing process.
  • Hydrotherapy - It includes hot baths, whirlpools, saunas, or wraps. Hydrotherapy checks your body’s reaction to the hot and cold stimuli.
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulation - Under this therapy electrodes are placed under the skin which sends the electrical pulses to the affected area. It provides relief from inflammation, back pain, and curtailing muscle spasms.
  • Traction - It is a kind of massage where the patient lies face up when the system of rollers moves above the back. It stretches the spine, decompress the disc, and reduces the pressure on nerve roots
  • Ergonomics - Under this therapy Chiropractic doctor asked the patient to change his/her lifestyle. It includes changing the workstation at home or office.

This will show slow results but has a great impact on the overall therapy 


However, Chiropractic therapy is the most natural method to treat your back and neck pain. There is no need of going under surgeries and knives to get rid of back pain west end. The therapy strengthens your spine and helps you to heal from long body pains. You can check out SaltChriopractic for back pain South Brisbane.