Learn to Create and Design a Website

Learn How To Customize Your Tumblr, Blog, or Website

Using HTML and CSS


     Ways in which we'll explore HTML and CSS coding will include basic tools found from external websites which you can use as an individual to help broaden your knowledge and incorporate what you as an individual want to use when you're building a website. Coding we'll use will be predominantly CSS and HTML. Websites which we'll use as our references will include Github, Google Design, __________ External sources from some of which are premade creations, and I'll also incorporate photoshop and paintshop in order to help you create some of these options below.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Headers
  • Alternative web pages
  • Viewers of your website
  • Borders
  • Length
  • Font Style
  • Font Color
  • Text Size



  • HTML
  • CSS


Paragraph and List Formatting


Alternative Web Pages

If you'd like, you can use right-aligned text.

Or even center-aligned text.

You can also justify text which fills in all of the horizontal space for a paragraph. When using this setting, your text will always fill in left to right for anything but the last line of a paragraph, just like you see in magazines and newspapers. This paragraph is a bit long, and it's just here to show you an example of justified text.

Want to create a numbered list?

  1. You can talk about one fish.
  2. Two fish.
  3. Perhaps even red fish or blue fish.

Bulleted lists are fun too.

  • You can created a list of items.
  • Add as many items as you'd like.
    • You can even nest lists by pressing the Tab key on your keyboard.
  • But wait, there's more!


This is a table.  
  Tables are great for tabular data.
Or just putting things in order.  
  Right click tables for options.