Rules and Consequences

Here you can find out about our classroom rules and consequnces for breaking these rules. At Lakeview Elementary, we focus on being Respectful, Responisble, and being Safe. In order to do so each class has their own rules for students to follow. When students break one of the 6 rules they have to move thier clip down on our behavioral clip chart. At the begining of the day all studetns start at ready to learn (green) which is 3 points. If the student breaks a rule or is not following directions, they must move thier clip down to teacher choice (orange) or parent contact (red). In the teacher choice consequence (orange) the teacher will choose the consequnce that best fits the behavior such as indoor recess, loss of free time, loss of points and so on. Each time the teacher thinks that they students were on task, she will ask students to move their numberd clips up. At the end of each day students will write the number of points they recived that day and will recieve that color star to put on their calender. At the end of each week students can use their points to "buy" toys and fun objects from the treasure chest.