5 minutes of FUN!


5 minutes of FUN!

These are classroom earned reward activities!!!

Interactive Online Educational Games


Beyond the Classroom
Virtual Field Trips. Book Clubs. Recipe Creation. These are a few of the engaging activities and challenging online games and tools to do with children and teens.

America on the Move
See how much you know about the history of transportation with the interactive games in this online collection. Need a refresher? You can find information, artifacts and photographs in the collection as well.
Match words, numbers and dots in this classic game of concentration.
Factor Game
Play an interactive game against a person or the computer, while testing your factor skills.
Gravity Launch!
Launch a rocket into space to see how the force of gravity can pull an object toward the earth and moon. With this online tool you can also experiment with different thrust and angle settings to learn how these settings change the motion of the rocket.
Planet Size Comparison
Which is bigger Earth or Venus? If you paused a minute to remember, use this tool to compare all of the planets with their galactic neighbors. (The answer is Earth. It's diameter is larger by Venus' by about 650 km.) Data is available in kilometers as well as miles, and you can also quickly find the ratio of planets to another.
Power Play
Build your own machine with the intearctive pieces in this online tool, and learn about harnessing energy and power while you do it!
Power Up!
With your budget you have to purchase power plants your city. Consider the cost, amount of power and environmental impact of each of your choices before you spend your money.
Product Game
Practice multiplication and factor skills with this fun interactive game.

A Touch of Class
Help to classify living things into different categories.

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It’s MY LIFE!  http://pbskids.org/itsmylife/games/index.html
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