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The user must ensure that the sandwich biscuit machine is well lubricated. Refuel or change oil on time to ensure that the sandwich biscuits Full Automatic Swiss Roll Production Line do not dry out and prevent the equipment from running in an oil-free state. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that the oil pressure is normal, the oil level is bright, the oil path is unobstructed, and the oil quality meets the corresponding oil requirements for sandwich biscuits.

In addition, the sandwich biscuit machine should clean the residues and attachments in time after use to prevent the solidification and deposition of residues, because the accumulation of residues for a long time not only looks unsightly, but also easily damages the machine. The inside and outside of the equipment should be cleaned. The oil gun, oil cup, and linoleum should be cleaned.

There should be no oil stains on the sliding surfaces, gear boxes, racks, screws, oil holes, etc. No oil or gas leaks in all parts. , Sundries, and dirt should Food Machine be cleaned and scrubbed to keep the sandwich biscuit machine clean and dry.