Sight Words:

Students should know these words by the END of Kindergarten.
(but the sooner, the better!!!)
a my the I like go
we on to you have do
what no se look come for
me one little are here  in
EXTRA WORDS to know in Kinder…
big name stop love cat dog
mom dad boy girl all some
he she him her over under
up down this that they with
NUMBERS to know in Kinder…
zero one two three four five
six seven eight nine ten  hundred
  needed to know for addition and subtraction  
    more take away    
COLORS to know in Kinder…
red blue yellow orange green purple
black white pink brown gray tan
Months of the Year
January February March April May June
July August September October November December
Days of the Week
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  Saturday yesterday today tomorrow  





Fry's top 100 words
  These words (and more) are expected to know in First Grade  
the of and a to in
is you that it he was
for on are as with his
they I at be this have
from or one had by words
but not what all were we
when your can said there use
an each which she do how
their if will  up other about
out many them then these so
some her would make like him
into time has look two more
write go see number no way
could people my than first water
been called who oil sit now
find long down day did get
  come made may part  

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